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One Year Wedding Anniversary

“A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.”

Happy Anniversary to us! Although we have been together for 8 years, celebrating our first year as a married couple is so sentimental. There’s something so special about wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone; and to have an official date to honor that is just awesome. I am beyond blessed to have a man that still puts me first; to love & care for me, and knows me better than myself. Many people hesitate to say this; but he is my best friend. I believe that being the best lover & friend you can be creates a bond so strong nothing can ever come between it; and that’s exactly the kind of love we have.

We had a wedding in San Diego the same weekend as our anniversary, so we decided to celebrate there. We headed to SD Friday night & before checking into the hotel we went to have dinner. We were pretty tired and hungry from the traffic. We’ve been curious about Phil’s BBQ for awhile now so that’s what we decided on. It was an hour wait & the line wrapped around the building, but from what I’ve heard, the wait isn’t bad at all for that place. When we finally got in we ordered at the register & they even gave us a pig sticker for our first time there! We ordered ribs, fries, and onion rings. When the food came it looked pretty epic! Overall the BBQ was delicious & we will definitely be back.



After dinner we checked into the Westin Hotel near Gaslamp Quarter. It’s a beautiful hotel (minus the crazy parking fee). We stayed at the Westin Ka’anapali Resort & Spa for our honeymoon so we knew that we would enjoy the stay. It was already pretty late so we just relaxed for the night. Phong left early that morning and came back with some Starbucks and breakfast from Hash House A-Go-Go. I am such a lucky girl! The Westin was conveniently located right next to the Horton Shopping Plaza, which was a gorgeous 5-level outdoors mall! The architecture was bright & sporadic, it was like a maze in some areas. We even ran into some dead ends at some point. Since we had some time before the wedding reception, we walked around, took some pictures, and did a little bit of shopping.


Our friends Chris & Linh had a beautiful wedding ceremony & ended the night with a super fun reception. We laughed, danced, and just spent quality time with some pretty awesome people. After the reception, I believe it was after midnight at this time, we even went to grab drinks so we can talk some more!


Sunday morning we got up early to catch breakfast before our trip home. We wanted to try Hash House since it was so delicious when we had it for take out. When we got there the wait was so crazy (2 hours) so we walked down the street their sister restaurant called The Tractor Room. There were differences in their menu but the food was nevertheless delicious. They were hugeee portions! After breakfast we headed home since we were both scheduled to work the next day. But on the way back there was so much traffic so Phong took me to an outlet so we can kill some time. I get carsick really fast so he didn’t want me sitting in traffic if we had a choice.


When we finally got home it was about time for dinner. He asked me what I wanted to eat & I said crawfish, so he took me to Boiling Crab. When we got there it was a 2-hr wait, but he knew how much I was craving it so we waited it out. He definitely spoils me! It was sooooo good! We had such a great anniversary weekend with good food & great company. I can’t wait to spend many more years with this man I call my husband. Happy one year to my everything, I love you!



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