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With a new baby, comes a new home! I am so excited that our new place is currently being built and *fingers crossed* it’ll be done in about a month. After we got married we moved into a place of our own for about a year and when I got pregnant we decided to look for a permanent place where our baby can grow up (with location, schools, and community in mind). So after a lot of thought and searching we finally found our dream home! Due to my complications (I would’ve been alone most of the day while Phong went to work) & the goal to save as much as we could, we are temporarily living at my sister’s place and renting out our old home. We can’t wait to move in and start decorating the place. Here are some progress pictures thus far.

 ** The beginning…just a piece of land when we first saw our home lot. **


** We were amazed at the progress! Most of the exterior were done but the interior were still bare. **


** Here, they added panel detailing and the walls are up.  The roof is done & look, solar panels! **


I can’t wait to see the rest! I will update as we go.



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