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Planner Supplies Haul & Sneak Peek!

How many of you guys are planner addicts like I am? I fell off the bandwagon for years now because I didn’t feel motivated or excited to craft anymore. I have no idea why!  Now & then Phong would catch me feeling down and he’d mention about scrapbooking and how much I enjoyed it. He always encouraged me to come back to it and just like with everything that I am passionate about, he is 100% supportive of it. Which is why it’s his fault I spend money. 😛 With so much time at home now I am slowly getting back to my hobby. Here are some things I’ve purchased over the past couple weeks!


Besides the banner puncher, everything else was on clearance or part of the dollar spot!



Phong took me to several locations before I was able to snatch the LAST Blush Glam paper pad on the shelf! It’s so beautiful…


A girl can never have too many washi tapes…


…and here’s a SNEAK PEEK at my planner!

This is how my current dashboard looks. I’m always changing it up though!


Here’s a typical WO2P. I usually like to keep my pages clean & simple.


Hope you guys enjoyed this planner post! I’m contemplating on making a video of my haul but I’m not sure if anyone would watch it..lol. Till next time!



8 thoughts on “Planner Supplies Haul & Sneak Peek!

      1. could you let me know from where did you get the dashboard paper? love the gold accent with lilac purple.


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