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Happy 1 Month & Baptism

Happy 1 month old to my baby bear! Kaylie is still a tiny little thing, she is a very calm and sweet baby. She is sleeping very well & waking up every 2-3 hours to feed. Sometimes we even have to wake her up ourselves!  I’m currently still breastfeeding, but she hasn’t gone through a cluster feeding phase yet. She gets hungry around 3 hours & is usually satisfied from one side. Kaylie is still recovering from her jaundice, so baby bear is still quite orange/yellow looking. Her first month also happens to be July 4th, so we had some family over to hang out at the pool/eat.



For Buddhist tradition on my family’s side, we usually “cung” or pray with a small pig and serve food over some incense for the ancestors. We then ask them to watch over Kaylie & keep her safe.

Kaylie was also baptized in the Catholic faith on July 12, 2015. It was held at St. George Parish, the same church we got married at. She wore a beautiful white dress and looked so peaceful, so innocent. She was surround by people who loved her. A special thanks to my longtime friend & penpal Kim for accepting to be Kaylie’s Godmother! I know that you will guide & support her throughout life.babyKaylie_CC5A3517 babyKaylie_CC5A3597 babyKaylie_CC5A3614

My little Family.

babyKaylie_CC5A3766 babyKaylie_CC5A3689 babyKaylie_CC5A3650


I pray she finds your light, and holds it in her heart

As darkness falls each night, remind her where you are.

Lead her to a place, guide her with your grace

Give her faith, so she’ll be safe.



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