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Kaylie’s First Poolside Adventure

Her First Two-Piece Bikini!!

KaylieAug23_CC5A0161-LToday Kaylie wore her first swimsuit to the pool! thank you to Auntie Amie for my super cute two piece bikini. Wasn’t sure if daddy would approve but he ended up loving it! Haha. She wasn’t quite yet ready for the waters. The pediatrician told us that there wasn’t really a contraindication with it, but because it has chlorine & of course the sun exposure we opted out of it. She did recommend us waiting until Kaylie is at least 6 months. So we lounged around in the shade and she was just so curious about her surroundings. She was so content just lying on the chair & watching everyone. She kept squinting her eyes because it was a little bright, she doesn’t get out much from the house. Phong enjoys photography & he is completely in love with Kaylie, so we those two combined we tend to have photoshoots anytime, anywhere!

Kaylie is about 10 weeks old here. She hasn’t gone to her 2 month well-baby visit yet so we are not sure of her measurements. But I am dreading it! She hasn’t gotten vaccinations besides the ones she got at birth. I will be starting my new job starting tomorrow (Monday) and unfortunately I won’t be able to go with her. I’m not looking forward to it. No parent can stand seeing their baby in pain. I am low-key glad I won’t be there in a way because it breaks my heart to see her cry!IMG_2690IMG_2034




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