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Happy 2 Months Kaylie!

Happy 2 Months baby bear! Kaylie had a visit with her pediatrician and she now weighs 9 lbs and 5.9 oz. She is currently in the 5th percentile. She’s a healthy growing baby, no more neonatal hypoglycemia or jaundice! She is feeding regularly, and drinks about 2-2.5 oz of milk every 3-4 hours. She is still such an easygoing baby. She is hardly fussy and rarely cries for anything.


Kaylie is such a silly girl. She absolutely loves to stick out her tongue, even when she’s sleeping. She is always smiling, and it warms my heart every time she lets out a tiny giggle. She loves to cuddle and gets so happy with bath time! She even closes her eyes when we’re washing her hair as though she’s having the ultimate spa experience. We are so lucky she loves it! Kaylie can now focus on objects/faces and has the funniest expressions. She’s learning to coo at favorable things. One thing we noticed is that she hates to be left alone. So long as you sit there with her, she feels content. But once we’re out of her peripheral vision she starts calling for us. It’s quite cute! 11885276_10100987163673032_8666488712991982494_n Kaylie also had her second round of immunizations. 😦 I wasn’t able to be with her because it was my first week at a new job. My husband Phong & my mom went with her. Phong said that she only cried in the moment & that was it. If you look closely at the photo to the right, you can see her face is a little puffy from crying. It broke my heart to not be there with her & felt so helpless as she’s experiencing pain. Kaylie received 3 shots & 1 oral vaccination. Toward the end of the afternoon she started getting sore & kept grimacing at the pain. Even though she wasn’t feeling well she was still such a great baby. She even smiled & got too excited, kicking around then realized it was painful to do so. We were told to expect the worse that night and tomorrow, but Kaylie actually slept through the night. I couldn’t sleep however and kept checking on her every hour to make sure she’s okay. At midnight she got a little warm so I checked her temperature. It was 99.9F so it was pretty low grade but I wanted to make sure it didn’t get worse. Phong had gotten some infant Tylenol for her and the pediatric clinic gave us a dosage guide but it didn’t include how much I should give. I gave the nurse advice line a call & gave Kaylie some medicine. By the morning she had no fever and was back to her old self. What a trooper she is! I’m so proud of you my baby!


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