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Happy 4 Months Kaylie!

Happy 4 months old to my precious Kaylie bear! She currently weighs in at10lbs 9.8oz! My sweet little baby is growing so beautifully. She is starting to get those cute little chubby cheeks & thighs. Her personality is showing thru more & more each day. She is starting to be awake & alert to everything around her. She giggles, babbles, and coos more than ever. Her favorite show on Netflix right now is Octonauts. She giggles and shrieks every time we put it on for her. Kaylie recently discovered her hands and we’d catch her noticing them. She’ll keep staring at them until something else distracts her. She’s starting to drool & putting her hands in her mouth a lot, which is a sign that she is probably teething. Kaylie currently feeds every 2-3 hours during the day but sleeps 7-8 hours each night. We usually know when she gets hungry because she becomes restless & starts sucking on her fingers. She takes in about 3.5oz of milk each time. She’s finally grown out of the 2.5 oz Medela bottles & into Dr. Brown’s 4oz ones. We’ve also noticed that she prefers to use her left hand, maybe that’ll be her dominant side.


Kaylie is starting to roll over! She’s only flipped toward the left side so far & is so close. She is able to get her whole lower body over, but is still struggling to tuck the arm in and using her neck muscles to pull the weigh over. She tries so hard & gets frustrated but she doesn’t give up. We are so proud of you my baby girl! She is also doing so well with tummy time & her spine is getting stronger. She is able to hold up her head & sits solidly with support. We’ve also noticed that she is starting to become cautious with who’s holding her, especially with those whom she doesn’t see on a regular basis. She would get uncomfortable, sad, and would sometimes pout. She’s becoming so smart & selective with what she wants, but she is still learning to show it in the right way. She’s not quite at the “stranger danger” stage yet but she’s definitely getting there quick!


Earlier this week we noticed a small, red, dry patch near her left ear and applied some Aveeno baby lotion on it. It went away but then came back with a small ring around it. I got really worried that it might be a ringworm (you know, just being a nurse expecting the worse) so I called her pediatrician to make an appointment. She did have dry patches everywhere too despite us putting on lotion. We saw her doctor and thankfully it wasn’t a ringworm but eczema. She recommended Aquaphor on top of the Aveeno baby, and we’ve been applying it since. We can’t put on too much because Kaylie’s skin is very reactive & sensitive (she got it from me). But so far she is doing well & for the most part her skin is soft like a baby’s butt! 😛

IMG_2716 (1)


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