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Weekend Fun & Happy 18 Weeks Old Kaylie!

Today would’ve been any other day in the cute life of Kaylie but it’s not! Now that I get weekends off I get to spend it all with my little family. My mom usually leaves for the weekend to my sister’s house since she babysits Kaylie all week. On Saturday we basically did nothing but lounged around & played with Kaylie. She watched Octonauts while we ate, and we had a marathon of The Flash while she slept. It was a perfect day!


On Sunday, something amazing happened! We were just hanging out on the sofa, turned around, and Kaylie was on her belly. She rolled over by herself guys. NO BIG DEAL. It’s only one of the biggest and proudest moments as a parent! She was so adorable & sturdy. Phong & I were over the moon!  It was also the first time we propped her up on the sofa all by herself, and she handled it like a pro! Well, until she started getting excited and scooted her bottom down. That afternoon we wanted to go out so we headed to a place in Chino Hills called Share Tea first. Phong got a Matcha Creama and I got a Honey Milk Tea. The boba was pretty decent, but just a word of advice! Get your drink at 80% sweetened to get it how most places would make their drinks. I got mine at 100% thinking that’s how it’s regularly made, but NOPE. It was toooo much. Their drinks were pretty good though, we’ll definitely come back if we’re in the area!

IMG_2830 IMG_2829

After Share Tea we went to Home Goods for some shopping! Kaylie fell asleep in her car seat but woke up shortly after. We got some small knick knacks for the home & found a super cute Olaf costume! We tried it on Kaylie but she was not amused. It was probably too hot for her.


We decided on Boiling Point for dinner (go figure). Phong & I used to go there every other day when we lived in the area. We also didn’t have Kaylie back then. But we went on a huge hiatus while I was pregnant & then Kaylie was still too young to take out. Now that she’s older we are so happy to be able to take her to places. In another two months she’ll be able to eat too! Not exactly the foods that we’re eating, but she’ll be able taste some. I can’t wait!  We didn’t have to wait too long before we were taken in. Linh (Kaylie’s aunt) even came to join us for dinner. Kaylie fell asleep as soon as we got seated and slept through the entire time, so Phong & I were both able to eat together. She’s too good to us! It was such a beautiful weekend.



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