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Sunday Mass & Kaylie’s 1st Pumpkin Patch

We got ready early Sunday morning to attend a special mass celebrating the blessed Virgin Mary. It wasn’t your typical Sunday mass, it was held outdoors & we were able to put Kaylie into a stroller to join in on the celebration. She was such a good girl. I captured such a cute moment of Kaylie & her father feeding her. It truly warms my heart to see them together! After mass we stopped by a place called Little Buddha for some thai food. It’s a small, cozy restaurant with a clean, cute look to it. It was our first time there and the food was pretty decent. Not the best, but we enjoyed the beef salad & the chicken panang curry was actually very delicious! It was the first time we tried thai curry with noodles & wonton. Kaylie of course couldn’t eat with us so she just kept her parents company.



 Later that afternoon we took Kaylie to her 1st pumpkin patch! We’ve always gone to the one in Pomona but decided to try out Stu Miller in Rancho this year. This time around we also had family with us. I was surprised at how dusty it was; maybe because we were used to more grass and a bigger location. I wasn’t too comfortable taking Kaylie in but it got better as we moved further into the patch where there was less traffic. It was so much fun just to hang out with family & take pictures. We also got some family pictures as well! Last October, I was actually pregnant with Kaylie already but we didn’t know then. I do remember not feeling well but I since it was around flu season I thought I was getting sick! There was a picture where Phong held three pumpkins & he recently mentioned that it was as if we knew our little one was coming. The pictures below was taken in October 2014 (PC: Kim-Anh)



Now a year later, she’s here!! Although Kaylie is too young to really enjoy the patch, we were super happy to be able to capture these moments with her. It’s also always so nice to spend time with family & just bond. Despite the expected bumpy times with family we are really close & try to hangout as much as possible. In these photos Kaylie is 20 weeks & 3 days old. I just can’t believe that she is almost 5 months soon. She just lights up my world.





pumpkinPatch_CC5A4221-L IMG_3057 pumpkinPatch_CC5A4268-L



pumpkinPatch_CC5A4391-L IMG_3056


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