First Holiday · Lovebug

Kaylie’s 1st Halloween!

Halloween always tend to creep up on us and we usually have no costume to wear. This year was no different, but now that we have a little one to dress up we wanted to join in on the festivities. For Kaylie’s 1st Halloween we dressed up as a nerd family! It was quite easy to DIY, I only had to grab a couple things. Quite honestly, being nerds isn’t too far from how we usually are! We dressed up for pictures and ended up staying home to pass out glowsticks to the trick-o-treaters. We figured we won’t give out candy & it’ll be fun to have the kids glowing in the dark. They loved it! Too bad we are in a new gated community & not many kids came by. There’s always next year though! Kaylie was the cutest little nerd I’ve ever seen. We bought some boy trousers with suspenders attached, a bowtie, and popped out the lenses on some baby sunglasses to make her costume. She was such a trooper & didn’t seem to mind that she had glasses on her. It was a memorable Halloween for us. From here on out, I’m so happy to know that the holidays will be even more meaningful with our little one with us! In these pictures, Kaylie is 21 weeks & 2 days old.






We also had a mini photoshoot for our little one at home in her “My First Halloween” onesie. Let me tell you, entertaining a baby & setting up is no joke! By the end of it, my husband & I were sweating bullets. Kaylie was such an awesome model though. She was happy & patient with her crazy parents!





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