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Happy 5 Months Kaylie!

Happy 5 months my bbybear! Kaylie now weighs 11 lbs, 13 oz and stretches 24 in long! Growth wise she is still in the 5th perecentile, and 16th percentile for height. She is still a tiny baby compared to others her age, her pediatrician showed us a chart & said she is growing on her own little curve! Kaylie is right on track though; as long as she is happy & healthy that is all that matters!


Today also happens to be her 4 months checkup & shots. Due to an emergency her doctor had to reschedule & we didn’t want to switch MDs on Kaylie, so we took her next available date. She received three shots & 1 oral. This was the first time I was with her during her immunizations. It just breaks my heart to see her so shocked with the pain & then cry. My poor little baby, she was such a trooper! She looked so hurt in Phong’s arm and it made him cry too. I thought it was the sweetest thing. When we got home Kaylie took a 2-hr nap. I was glad because while she sleeps it would be a brief time where she’d be relieved from the pain & it’ll help her heal. Besides the minimal grimacing from the pain, she was not fussy at all. She looked sad but she handled it so well. She ran a low-grade fever into the next day, but it never exceeded 100.2F. She is usually very active & a strong kicker, but after the shots she was hardly moving around. But the great news is that by the next day she was back to normal with her happy self & beautiful, gummy smiles!

 I honestly don’t know when & how my baby grew so fast. She is still sleeping thru the night and ever since she rolled over she now only prefers to sleep on her belly. She knows to tilt her head from side to side while she sleeps; babies are seriously so smart. I get more worried though so I find myself waking up during the night to check her breathing, only to find her sleeping oh so comfortably. Sometimes she’ll lay flat frogged-style, and sometimes she’d have her legs tucked under, butt up in fetal position. She is drooling even more, so I bought her some teething toys. She’s able to bring her hands together to hold it but she’s still working on her grip (fine motor skills). I would bring my face close to hers and she would know to bring both her hands to my face. She would shriek in excitement and stop when I move away. It’s the cutest thing! Kaylie is starting to notice strangers vs people she frequently sees. She would look really sad and uncomfortable, and sometimes she would cry. Still not quite “stranger danger” yet, but she’s getting there fast. Kaylie is also grabbing on to her toes, specifically the left side! I think she is most likely going to be a leftie. She also rolls to the left and puts her left hand in her mouth. Her spine & muscles are getting stronger and she is now able to hold up her head without support. She is also able to sit comfortably in our laps without wobbling around.

Kaylie resting at home after clinic visit. IMG_3256

Here she is smiling later on that night even when in pain. IMG_3257


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