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Happy 6 Months Kaylie!

Happy 6 months to my precious! It’s officially Kaylie’s 1/2 birthday! I know I say this every time, but I feel like time is just flying by so fast. I can’t wait for her to grow but at the same time I’m secretly wishing that it would slow down a bit. After all, she’ll never be this young ever again. I want to enjoy & cherish her as an infant for as long as I can. Kaylie’s personality is shining through so much. She’s beginning to become very alert with her surroundings; we can see her looking left & right trying to make sense of everything. She is selective on who can hold her & doesn’t take her eyes off of a person she doesn’t feel  comfortable with. We’ve noticed that as long as you approach her slowly & quietly she is usually okay with it.


She takes approximately 2-3 naps during the day; ranging from 30 mins to 2.5 hours. She sleeps about 8-10 hours each night, but for the past couple of weeks she would toss & turn in the middle of the night. Sometimes she’d go back to sleep right away, other times we would feed her a bottle before she knocks out again. It might be that she is teething or she is going through a growth spurt. Either way, how can we mind when she gives us a toothless grin every time? She is still on Enfamil with Iron, and drinks about 4oz (118ml) every 2-2.5 hours. ALSO, Kaylie can officially drink water & eat solids!! This is so exciting for us. We fed her water first & she was okay with the taste. We then fed her some porridge that was finely mashed. She made a face because the taste/texture was so foreign to her but she was so interested in it. She ate about 1/4 of a tsp & we topped it off with her usual milk. We tried feeding her again & this time she was a pro!! She knew the motion of sucking on the spoon (just like a bottle) & then swallowing it. When she felt like it was too much to swallow she would use her tongue to push the food out. I could tell that she was more eager to eat & that she was enjoying it. I can’t wait to introduce more food to her!

At 6 months, Kaylie is able to sit up unsupported for a little while. She props up with her hands but is still working on holding herself up. We don’t let her sit for long because it puts too much pressure on her back crouching forward. In general, her musculoskeletal system is incredible. She holds herself up well & has complete control of her head/body movements. Her grips are strong, precise, and oriented. Her legs are so strong it actually hurts when she kicks! She is also starting to grasp the concept of Object Permanence; knowing that an object exists even when she can’t see it (sorry, minor in psychology. nerdy things excites me). We know this simply from a game of Peek-a-Boo, where she anticipates that we are behind a blanket; or she would stare at the blanket knowing her toy is under there. However, she doesn’t know how to retrieve it yet.

She would actually stare to study you, then touch your face. Sometimes she would give us that super sweet smile as though she’s saying “I know you, I trust you, and I love you!” I’ve been singing the song “You Are My Sunshine” since she was born, so she recognizes it well. She would smile when I sing it to her; and it calms/puts her to sleep when she’s fussy. She also loves it when I talk to her & point out her nose, cheeks, beautiful eyes, ears, head, and cwazy hair! She is starting to babble & coo more. Recently, she loves to say A-Bah & blows out air & make bubbles.



Her favorite show is still Octonauts but we’re also introducing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to her. We recently bought her a jumperoo but she gets bored of it quickly. She loves human interaction the most. The whole house is her playground..particularly the living room! Kaylie also grew out of her Maxi Cosi carseat, which was really nice when she was a preemie because it runs so narrow. She still fits it length wise but she noticed she didn’t have much elbow room. We ended up getting her a Graco Snugride 35 and she absolutely loves it! The Graco is also very lightweight but is roomier than the Maxi Cosi.

To celebrate Kaylie’s 1/2 birthday, we took a stroll at the mall then went to Lucille’s for dinner. Kaylie got her presents at Baby Gap & although she couldn’t eat BBQ yet, she kept us company again. She continues to be such a pleasant baby to take out. She loves to look at the lights as we push her around in her stroller. We truly feel so complete with her in our lives.






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