First Holiday · Lovebug

Christmas Mass 2015

We attended mass on Christmas Eve at St. George Parish & afterwards we took some pictures with friends. This is taken with Jackie and her two kids, Lily & Leo.


Here are some pictures Kaylie took with her birthday twin, Leo! He was born just three days after Kaylie on June 7th. The cool thing is, he also had the same birth height & weight as Kaylie. This is also an exciting time as it is also their first Christmas!


After we were home from mass we decided to take some pictures since we were already dressed up. In these photos Kaylie is 28 weeks, about 6.5 months old.




Our model got hungry after the photoshoot. Being adorable takes a lot of work!

Here’s Kaylie enjoying her rice cereal, slobber & all!IMG_4114

Here are more photos we took taking advantage of this holiday season!IMG_4128IMG_4130IMG_4129


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