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Kaylie’s First Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone! Christmas time was a special one this year as we get to celebrate it with our lovebug. I bought Kaylie two Santa hats embroidered with “My First Christmas” in pink & red. She looks absolutely adorable wearing them! She’s also learning how to sit up on her own like a pro, we’re so proud of her!

25 weeks 3 days oldIMG_3861IMG_3868IMG_3867

This year in our new home we decided to have two trees up! The white tree serves as the “fun” one. We had Kaylie’s stocking with her first ornament to the left. You can’t see it but it’s a clear ornament with her hospital birth bracelet & umbilical clamp inside. It’s very meaningful to us.

With a very eventful start to the holidays I had very little time to wrap my presents. For some of them I used wrapping paper to turn them into gift bags and then tied a bow at the top using the ribbons from our wedding invitation. It turned out not too shabby!


We hosted Christmas at our place this year. We ate soooo much! For the main course, we had homemade delicious Vietnamese noodle soup called Bun Bo Hue made by my mom. We also had two pieces of Prime Rib which we cooked in the oven for dinner. My sister brought over these giant shrimps cocktails & made a bomb salsa. For dessert we had grapes, longans, and my mom made taro sweet rice with pandan leaves flavored coconut.

We tried to recreate the photo we took last year when Kaylie was about the size of a lemon in my tummy. This year Kaylie was a grumpy reindeer! Haha!

Christmas 2014 & Christmas 2015 IMG_4131

My Four Sisters, Mommie, & KaylieIMG_4070

At 29 weeks & 5 days old Kaylie is able to sit up & opening her own presents! She was so excited about tearing off the wrapping paper & even more so with trying to stuff it in her mouth. We are so proud of her for being so strong & so precise in her grip. Thank you everyone for showering Kaylie with love & for all your generous gifts!



So tired from opening presents, she toppled over. So she decided to make herself comfortable right where she’s at. Lol! IMG_4101IMG_4102

❤ ❤ ❤


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