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Happy 7 Months Kaylie!

Happy 7 months to my bundle of joy! Kaylie now weighs 14 lbs 2.3 oz and stretches 25 in long. She is in the 6th percentile for weight & 9th percentile for weight. Her head circumference is 42.5 cm. She is growing healthily & is getting them chubby cheeks! Kaylie received 4 shots total for her 6 month well-baby visit including the flu vaccine. We will be taking her back for the 2nd part of the flu vaccine in 4 weeks. She was shocked & cried while she got the shots, but when she got home she was so smiley & still kicking up a storm. A couple hours later the soreness came and even a slight fever of 100.5. Around 2:30am she spiked another temp, this time 101.6. We gave her some Tylenol but it was hard for her to sleep until around 4am. Overall she is a trooper & handled it well.

Being Silly After Her ShotsIMG_4233IMG_4205

She has become more alert and specific with what she wants. She’s also noticing who is holding her & recently she’s beginning to reach for the person she wants to hold her. If she’s on her belly and there’s a toy in front of her, she’ll also try to reach for that too. She doesn’t quite know how to crawl yet so what she would do is pull the sheet under her to bring the toy closer to her instead. Smart little girl! Kaylie is still rolling to the left but she’s able to flip from front to back. At night when she sleeps she likes to roll around a lot; a whole 360 degrees! She’s our little roly poly. She also still prefers to sleep on her belly, although I’ve noticed that she’s also progressing to side sleeping & on her back. Her favorite spot is still to roll until she finds that perfect groove right under our arms.

Kaylie is now sitting up without support! We put pillows all around her to cushion any falls, but she can stay upright for a good amount of time. We usually like to put toys in front of her when she’s sitting; she’s now confident enough in her posture to grab & play with them without having her hands on the ground for balance. She’s also a lot more fun & playful. She loves to be entertained & she would giggle in excitement! One of her favorite games include daddy’s signature move; waving a blanket over her head.  She loves the breeze & the feeling of the blanket on her face!

“Can we play the blanket game daddy?”IMG_4202IMG_4229IMG_4179

Kaylie is a co-sleeping baby. Just a week ago we purchased a pack-n-play crib so we could start training to her to sleep on her own (but still close to us). NOPE. The minute we put her down she immediately noticed that it wasn’t her bed. So now she is back in our bed. The idea of co-sleeping is very taboo to many and that’s fine. There are pros and cons to both, but I’m not going into that debate. We as parents are okay with co-sleeping. Kaylie was a breastfeeding baby so in the beginning it was just easier for me to feed her every 1.5-2 hours with her next to me. Plus, I couldn’t bear to take my eyes off of her. Nothing beats opening my eyes & the first thing I see is her beautiful face sleeping so peacefully next to me. She also does this thing where she opens & closes her hand to scratch the bed while she’s falling asleep. It’s super cute to see.

Besides giving her water, we are also introducing more solids to her. We’ve been giving her rice cereal, porridge w/ spinach, and bananas. All are finely smashed. She eats about half a small bowl each feeding. We try to feed her about twice a day while keeping up with her formula schedule. We still offer her a bottle every 2.5 hours (still 4oz ). We can’t seem to up her intake but as long as she’s full, content, and growing that’s all that matters. She’s also passing gas a lot more – thanks to the greens we’ve introduced to her! The gas doesn’t seem to bother her though so we’re okay with it. Her stool is also stinkier!

Daddy Feeding KaylieIMG_4084

Happy New Year Everyone! IMG_4230IMG_4231

We’re in the super early stages of potty training Kaylie. Every time she has a diaper change we hold her over a basin/sink & make a “shhh” sound and she pees on cue. This may be gross to a lot of people but hey, everybody does parenting differently! When she was less than a month old we used Butt Paste (diaper rash ointment) with every diaper change and noticed that she was getting white spots. So ever since then we’ve been washing her with water & using Vaseline instead. VERY seldom do we use baby wipes; only in those emergent situations where we don’t have access to a bathroom sink. Even then I would still wet a washcloth & go over again after using the baby wipes. It’s definitely a bit more work, but it’s been working for her so that works for us too!



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