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Happy 8 Months Kaylie!

Happy 8 months to my June bug! Kaylie now weighs 15.4 lbs! We are unsure of her hgt at this point because need to find our measuring tape, so I will update this later! Her personality is shining through so much as she’s more curious about her surroundings. She loves to giggle & makes these silly, cheesy faces that just makes us melt! She is such a happy baby all the time, we are so incredibly blessed to have her. Kaylie loves to cuddle and is completely content with lying next to us. She loves to be loved with lots of kisses! She is learning the concept of playtime & would giggle every time we make really silly noises. She’s at the stage where everything and anything is funny! Kaylie loves her toys but we are starting to notice that she likes more simple, household things to play with; i.e. a plastic cup. She loves repetition and making mama work, like dropping things a million times! She also gets a kick out of the sounds different objects make when she bangs or shakes them. IMG_4607IMG_4606IMG_4391IMG_4390IMG_4389

Things are starting to make sense to her. When we make silly faces she knows it’s to make her laugh, and she’d reward us with the sweetest, toothless grin. She’s starting to correlate the word “no” with what we don’t want her to do; and it makes her stop what she was doing for a quick second before she proceeds with what she was doing, and she’d get frustrated at times and cry when “no” is repeated. She does get bored very quickly with her current activities, so we’re finding that she needs constant stimulation. We would sit down next to her and introduce a “new” toy when she becomes disinterested. One minute she is completely content with lying down, a split second later she would hold out her arms wanting to be held. She just wants the comfort of knowing we’re right there, and that’s ok! There is nothing wrong with holding your baby, after all, how long can you do that before they don’t want you to hold them anymore? Kaylie recognizes familiar faces & would hold out her arms if she wants you to hold her. Otherwise she’d turn her face away and ignore you. Haha!


Kaylie can now fully sit up without support. She’s starting to lean forward and learning to put her hands out to prop herself into a crawling position. She does this “twerking” move that cracks us up! Although she haven’t officially crawled yet, she’s learning how to tuck in her knees and prop her butt up. If we put an object that she’s super interested in, she would use her arms to propel herself forward first, then kick up with her legs. She does this sideway thing where she’d use her left elbow to scoot up then go from side to side until she’s able to touch the object with her fingertips. She’s so strategic! While Kaylie is still learning how to crawl, she’s already super pro at twisting, turning directions, and rolling. She can anticipate things, like waiting for us to make a silly sounds before giggling out loud. She’s showing excitement & an understanding of missing someone, it melts my heart every time I come home from work and her whole face just lights up…she’d kick her feet & hold out her arms for me to hold her. As soon as I pick her up, her whole body tenses up and she’d let out this little shriek. I’m so in love with her!

As for feedings, aside from her regular cereal, porridge, and formula we are introducing more interesting taste & textures to her. So far she has tried things like sweet potatoes, bananas, and squash. She also loves to nibble on pears and grapes for the juices. Kaylie can also drink water all day, every day! We still haven’t increased her formula intake, but I think it’s because she’s eating a lot more now. She seems content still so we aren’t too worried. She’s becoming very interested in what we eat/drink and would watch us too! Kaylie also gets excited when we clap our hands together. She also knows to put her hand to ours when we hold it up and say “high five!”. It’s definitely a learning process, but she’s learning quickly! It’s been an amazing month of milestones reached & we are just so proud of her. Here are more pictures to wrap up her adventures this month!

Kaylie & DaddieIMG_4613IMG_4614

Kaylie also sat in a high chair for the first time ever. She’s such a big girl! IMG_4608

I love using Snapchat filters on her!

Kaylie being a hot mess twirling around her play area.IMG_4521

She loves to cross her legs together..such a lady!

Waiting for lunch with the sun in her eyes. I can’t handle that pout..she gets away with everything!

Kaylie & Mommy’s Photoshoot courtesy of DaddyIMG_4610IMG_4609


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