Lovebug · Milestones

Happy 9 Months Kaylie!

Happy 9 months to my June bug! My big girl now weighs 15.8 lbs! Her well-baby visit is scheduled for the end of the month, so by then we will have more measurements! Kaylie’s understanding of what’s going on is improving tremendously. She can communicate her feelings & concerns with a combination of baby talk and expressions. She can follow simple requests like, “No, Kaylie don’t go there!” She understands the word “no” means to stop what she was doing, and there will be a pause where she looks back at you but then continue due to her curiosity. Her most recent awesomeness is that she can now kiss on cue! We would say “Kiss Mommy, Kiss Daddy” while pointing to our cheek and she’d give us a slobbery one. It is definitely one of the sweetest, most proudest moment as a parent! She also knows her name & would turn every time you call her. When we hold her she would lightly tap our face to show that she loves us. She also knows to put her head down on our shoulder/chest when she’s tired or needs to be comforted. Her babbles are getting more pronounced, with cha-cha-ba-ba as if she’s talking to you. She would “talk” pause for attention, then continue as though she is trying to tell us something.

IMG_5005IMG_4862She gets really excited when she does something and gets praised for it! Her eyes light up, she clenches her fist, and lets out a little shriek. Sometimes when she is concentrating on figuring out something she would purse her lips together & let out a little puff of air. Her personality is actually really silly & laid back, but with strangers she would give them the side eye. Hahaha. She’s able to recall where things are & what is familiar. When we take her to a new environment she would keep looking around to figure out where she’s at and to get a mental picture of the place. Kaylie can also officially CRAWL! In the beginning she would push up with her elbows to propel herself forward, now she actually have arm/leg coordination to crawl. She is able to go from lying down to sitting up to crawling independently. Kaylie is in her early stages of wanting to stand. She would try to prop herself up while learning on the headboard but she’s very wobbly.

We are also introducing more food choices to her diet. She’s still eating rice cereal/oatmeal with milk and porridge that we cook with various meats (chicken, beef, turkey) & fish (sea bass) for taste. We don’t actually feed her the meat just yet though. She’s also being introduced to pieces of fruit; oranges, pears, apples. She prefers to taste the whole piece of fruit as opposed to us squeezing it into a bottle. We’ve also re-introduced bananas and avocados and she loves it now! She’s getting more interested in what we’re eating & would make a little babble and look at us or try to grab what we’re having. We were also able to increase her milk intake to 5oz this month! There are still times when she won’t finish her whole bottle, but we are excited for her to take an increase at all. She seems to be more interested in eating, but we know the importance of formula intake, so we’re always pushing for her to drink. This month was just full of milestones achieved, I am so proud of my little June bug!




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