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Happy 10 Months Kaylie!

Happy 10 months to my Junebug! She currently weighs 16 lbs 6.6oz  (5th percentile) & stretches 2′ 3.25″ (25th percentile). Her immunizations are all up to date so she didn’t get any shots this time. She’s becoming more and more alert, she kept looking around the exam room to make sense of everything. When her pediatrician came she was just so intrigued with the stethoscope and sat there patiently for the MD. It was the cutest thing!! She became a little tensed when she was on her back to check her leg muscles but otherwise she was so good the whole time!


Kaylie continues to hit so many milestones with her developments. She is now able to stand with support for quite some time, claps, high-fives, and waves hi/bye! When we hold her she would point in the direction she wants to go with just her index finger, and would continue pointing and shifting her body until we take her there. She doesn’t cry or anything, just very directive! She is starting to imitate what we do, and would look at us for confirmation & positive feedback when she does it too. Kaylie is also such a silly baby. She knows how to joke, like calling at you & then grinning afterwards, or blows bubbles just to make you laugh. She anticipates excitement with a good game of “I’m gonna get you!” with a tiny shriek & then tries to crawl as fast as she can to get away. She continues to sleep through the night, every now and then she would wake up around 4-5am for a  bottle then fall right back to sleep.

We are still giving her mashed solids in addition to her milk intake. She is eating very well! Still no teeth yet, but her gums are rigid and I can definitely see it in her gums. So anytime now those pearly whites will break through and she’ll be able to eat more! Kaylie also had her first Easter & visited the Easter Bunny. We were worried she would freak out but she just sat there patiently for pictures. I think there was too many people/things for her to look at, otherwise she would notice that a big furry bunny is holding her. Haha!







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