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Happy 11 Months Kaylie!

Happy 11 Months Kaylie! I can’t believe it, she is only one month away from her big first birthday! Kaylie weighs 17 lbs and is a total goofball! She is super silly & loves to instigate by making silly faces then starts cracking up at herself. Kaylie is starting to recognize familiar things she’s used to seeing; she will go get her Peso stuffed animal from Octonauts if you ask, “Where’s Peso?” as well as her reading books. Whenever she wants me to read to her, she would tap on the book and look at me. Kaylie also loves to climb all over the place, especially putting her butt on our faces! She has amazing muscle strength; she’s able to stand with support. Occasionally she would feel brave and let go up to 5-10 seconds! I think our little one is going to walk soon.


As far as the pearly whites department, still no teeth yet..hahaha. I can see the white & her gums appear a little lifted, but it haven’t pushed thru yet. We’re just waiting for that day..any time now. However that doesn’t stop her from eating! If she sees food or someone eating she will point to it & lick her lips. It’s the cutest thing! So far, along with her fish porridge, we have been letting her pick at finger foods in her high chair. She loves banana, sweet potato, and tomato puffs for snacks. Kaylie is also eating shredded chicken, avocado, and bread. She would pick at a piece, finish it, then pick up another. We can’t wait to let her experience other things once she’s past her first birthday & gets some teeth in!

Kaylie is getting very vocal, she will call out & acknowledge familiar faces as you walk thru the door. Octonauts is slowly fading out for her, although she loves the beginning/ending when the song comes on. She would raise both hands up & starts dancing. She’s moving on to songs on YT (Baby Vuvu & Yummy in My Tummy). She loves it as background noise & would make me replay it over and over again. Speaking of repetition, Kaylie also discovered that if she drops things we will pick it up for her; and that’s exactly what’s happening. Over and over again… 🙂 Ah, the parenting life.




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