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Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day Mommies!! I am so excited that this is my 1st Mother’s Day! The whole journey to becoming a mom was not easy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have never had a role so demanding, time consuming, and so giving. Yet at the same time in the most sincere, purest form of love; my heart wants to do everything and anything for Kaylie. There is definitely sacrifice. For the most part, we have to throw spontaneity out the door. Before we even think about heading out we have to make sure that Kaylie has everything that she needs for the time period we’d be gone. We have to plan our days; and not to fill it up so much that she gets so exhausted. Our schedules revolve around her nap/feeding times so she gets the best out of each day. I find myself watching her every move & becoming so overwhelmed with emotions when she does something for the first time. When she’s sleeping, I would stare at her, still amazed that I am the mother to this beautiful blessing. I keep asking myself how did I get so lucky? She’s perfect in every way.


Becoming a mom has changed my whole life. I look at the world in such a different life; one that’s best for my daughter. It’s like I’m experiencing the whole world all over again. In the first few months of her life, she became my only focus. Now that she is 11 months, I’m slowly feeling comfortable enough to spend more time on me. It’s not so much of feeling guilty, or the sense that you lose yourself when you have children. It’s more of an emotional thing; I never wanted to leave her. I was perfectly fine spending all my time with her. I’ve gotten into working out more (realizing I don’t have the same metabolism, haha), I went to the hair salon, and I’ve been putting makeup on again! Yes, they really are those small, mundane things. The other day I had a full face of makeup on, and Kaylie kept touching my curls and face as though she wanted to say, “Mommie, you look different today!”

Though she is still very young, I know she’s watching me. Children are like sponges, they absorb all information from the moment they’re born. She looks to me for confirmation, so I know that I need to show her what I want to her to be; kind, loving, selfless, strong, and compassionate. I want her to see the good in people & thrive to be the best person she can be. I’m already seeing so much character in her; she’s silly, she hardly cries when she falls or bumps into something, she content with things around the house versus actual toys, she’s fun, and she’s loving. As a mother, there is nothing more fulfilling than to see your child happy. It means that I am doing something right. As a new mom, I’m always questioning what I do because I want to do what’s right; what’s best for her. To see her so full of life just gives me the validation I need to feel like I am not too shabby of a mom. I am learning with her every step of the way, I’m just so glad to have such an easygoing baby to cut her mama some slack!

For Mother’s Day weekend Phong took us out for some lunch, then we had an impromptu photo shoot. I think this is by far my favorite photo session with Kaylie. We only had five minutes and it was just Kaylie & I being ourselves. Daddie was just a great photographer! He edited one of the photos for me and showed me the morning of. It made me teary. I love that I could be there for my little family, and it’s just a great feeling to know I’m needed & appreciated. Even though I do it unconditionally!




For my mom, I bought flowers and arranged the bouquet myself. I also made sweets for her. It was a Strawberry Shortcake Cake & Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes. She was surrounded by what she loved the most; her children & grandchildren by her side. She was so happy that we all got together to spend time with her. We all even signed a huge card & she cried while reading it. Half of it was done through google translate to write in Vietnamese for her, and we were just cracking up at the translation from the kids. I am truly grateful for my mom. She has taught me so much (still do); and is the epitome of selfless love. Thank you for all that you do Mommie, I love you so much!



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