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Happy 1st Birthday Kaylie!

I can’t believe that Kaylie is now ONE! She’s not my infant baby anymore, she is officially a toddler. A big girl! Kaylie currently weighs 17.4 lbs. We have her 12 months well-baby visit at the end of the month which will give us more info about her growth. Overall she is growing healthily & continues to be an active baby. I am so proud of how far she’s gotten & incredibly blessed to have her. Her temperament is just wonderful; she’s so patient & understanding even at just a year old. Also, WAIT FOR IT…Kaylie has teeth now!! She is growing in two bottom & one top at the same time. The poor thing was teething during her first birthday party but she kept it cool. Other than a low-grade fever, she grew in her first teeth like a champ! No fuss, no crying.  I’m so proud of her!



Kaylie is now able to stand on her feet unsupported for quite some time and she’s able to walk while holding onto things. She took her first step the other day, but she is an extremely cautious baby and hasn’t taken the full leap yet. We know she can do it! My husband calls her “lazy smart” haha. She’s learning new things, like raising both of her hands with the palms up to signify something is gone “mac tieu roi”. She can also say “ahh”. It’s a respectful way to greet/say bye to adults & to say please. She can also squint her eyes on cue! Kaylie loves to read and is slowly starting to put together concepts. For example, I always sing to her the “five little monkeys jumping on the bed’ song and she would raise her arms up & down. Now when she comes across a monkey in a book she would do the same! Sometimes I would catch her sitting alone with her back turned to me, books in front of her as she’s turning the pages. When she wants me to read to her, she’ll look at me, make a little noise and points to the books. It melts my heart. She also holds her own bottle now but would quickly let go if she’s able to trick someone into holding it for her. Again, lazy smart! She is slowly moving away from Octonauts, although she still loves Peso to pieces. He is the only thing she will kiss, and he’s a stuffed animal! We are definitely jealous! She currently loves the Yo Gabba Gabba series, Baby Vuvu, and The Gummy Bear song (go figure). Kaylie loves to dance and gets so excited with music! I love how her eyes light up & would look at us to dance with her. Her hair is also long enough for pigtails.



We introduced whole milk to her recently and gradually. We purchased Enfagrow (Stage 2 of the Enfamil formula) that supports 12-18 months of age. We use about 1 scoop for 2 oz of water, then fill about 4oz of whole milk in the same bottle. She loves it and didn’t have a hard time adjusting. When we are done with the Enfagrow she will be on whole milk exclusively. We’ve also introduced more complex textures to her diet. We started to cut up her foods (noodles, chicken, veggies, fruits) rather than having it all puree. She still eats her chao (rice porridge) twice a day which we cook with a protein (beef, chicken) and vegetables (spinach, carrots, squash, broccoli). She loves finger foods, especially her sweet potato & tomato cereal puffs.  We’re also a little more adventurous with trying new things. Recently I bought some Organic Happy Baby food pouches & teething biscuits for quick snacks. I like them for the convenience but I’m not feeding her too much of it due to high sugar levels. Speaking of fruits, Kaylie might be allergic to GRAPES! We found that out after she broke out in red dots all around her lips, on two different occasions. It’s a mild reaction, so it didn’t bother her much but we are definitely more cautious with giving her certain fruits.



What a huge turnout it was! Thank you for everyone who came & showered our family, especially Kaylie, with love! Her big one landed on a weekend this year which was perfect for us! We rented out our community’s clubhouse & I took off that Friday to bake all the sweets.  I cannot express how thankful I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. I wanted to make her first birthday extra special so my goal was to DIY as many things as I could. After all, turning one is a big deal! I chose a Rustic Garden theme for the party. Her tissue paper flowers took many hours with a lot of sore fingers but it turned out perfect. I purchased them in bulk from PAPERMART & spent many hours on Pinterest for tutorials. For favors I bought some bubble wands and had my talented husband design a sticker logo and attached that to a scalloped shape I cut from scrapbook paper.




It was my personal goal was to bake all of the desserts. We had Vanilla, Matcha Green Tea, and Pistachio Macarons, a Strawberry Layer Cake, and mini Pistachio Cupcakes. Ericka & Trinh, you da real MVPs for supporting me even though it was a lot of work! I love you guys! 

Kelly, Randy, Alina, and Jenny, I appreciate you Fam Pam! Mom, thank you for your unconditional support & watching Kaylie so I can focus on what I needed to do. Jackie, for showing me how to make macarons & giving me such moral support! Ericka & Trinh, all those baking sessions left us with so many memories & sleepless nights, I wouldn’t have spent that time with anyone else! You two have been there for me & thank you for loving Kaylie as much as you do. You guys are my family! O Phuoc, once again you stepped in & made desserts for us. We truly appreciate & love you! There were a lot of details that went into making Kaylie’s first birthday special. My vision wouldn’t have came to life if it wasn’t for all the support we received. Thank you to everyone who helped throughout the day; and shoutout to my Fam Pam for being the best clean up crew! It really touches my heart to know that so many people love & care for us, thank you!!

Kaylie1_CC5A9562 (1)

Party Photos Here



For Kaylie’s smash cake I went with a 4x3in Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Swiss Buttercream frosting. I wanted to keep it simple since it’s her first time tasting cake! We decorated with a “1” topper, fresh roses, and lined the bottom with a peach ribbon we had left from our wedding. She was really eager to get her hands on the cake as she naturally loves to touch everything. But she is pretty cautious so she was staring at the cake for awhile before dipping her fingers in. After she realized it was squishy gooey awesomeness she used both hands to dig into the cake. When both of her hands were dirty she looked at us gave us a look like, “I need to be cleaned up!” then stopped playing. She was not interested in tasting the cake at all, we had to give her a taste ourselves! Overall, her “smash” cake stayed pretty intact, I’m just happy she had the opportunity to have some fun with it. 

For her outfit, I DIY her crown. I stiffened, hand-painted and molded some lace. I hot glued some flowers I picked apart & free-handed a “1” out of glittered foam. All items can be purchased at any craft stores (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby). I added some ribbons to her shirt & ironed on a “1” to the front. Her tutu skirt was a gift from her auntie Trinh.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET CUPPYCAKE! I hope that one day, you look back at your first birthday (even though you probably won’t remember it) & know that Mommy did her very best to make your day special. You are loved little one, so very loved! Keep on growing, smiling, and be happy! We will be with you every step of the way. You make life so meaningful! We will reminisce your first year as they are now memories, but we are locked & loaded for toddler life!


2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Kaylie!

  1. I love your blog! I have been reading your posts since you started it! Your daughter is so adorable 💖 Beautiful family, you are truly blessed. Happy belated birthday to Kaylie! I look forward to your future blog posts!


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