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Happy 13 Months & July 4th 2016

Happy 13 months to my cuppycake! Kaylie now weigh 17.5 lbs (3%)  & stretches about 2′ 5″ (5%) tall! She had her well-baby check-up and received a total of SIX individual shots. I was so sad that they couldn’t group them together, so mamas & papas beware! Your hearts will break. 😦 She will also be getting her labs drawn to test for Anemia & Lead I believe, but that is scheduled for another time since I felt like she had already gone through so much pain for the day. Kaylie cried during her shots & after we got home mostly from being upset about what happened. Her legs started to get really sore that night to the point where she couldn’t move, and just sat there whimpering. She didn’t spike a fever at all. After a warm bath & Tylenol for comfort, she slept a good 9 hours that night! The morning of she was back to her normal self again.


We celebrated Fourth of July with some friends & family at poolside. I can’t believe that just a year ago, she was only 1 month old! Daddy also took Kaylie into the big people pool for the first time and she LOVED it! Kaylie now knows how to kiss when you tell her to “smoooch!” courtesy of her favorite book Pout Pout Fish. She also grew in her top right tooth, so she has a total of 4 teeth now! She recognizes us as Mommy & Daddy, along with familiar family members. 

Kaylie developed issues with constipation when we switched her exclusively to whole milk. Kaylie never strained to go before & we knew it was a problem when she would cry. She went everyday but her stool were like pebbles. We tried everything we could. We gave her apple prune juice, prunes, plums, balanced meal of fiber, fruits, and veggies. You named it, we tried it. We discussed it with her pediatrician & she said that we could continue to alternate Enfragrow formula & whole milk until she’s two years of age. Her stools are still formed, but they are soft & she isn’t struggling to go. We’ll stick with that until she’s older. Right now she takes about 15-20 oz of milk a day in addition to three meals plus snacks. By her 2nd birthday she won’t be too dependent on milk but rather more table meals. Kaylie is still using bottles, but she completely skipped the sippy cup spout and went right to straws. She is a pro at it & loves to drink from them! 




Silly hats with Kaylie!


Long ride to Oxnard was a success for Ong Ba Sau’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! 



She is seriously so silly. I love you so much my cuppycake!! 


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