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Vegas, Baby!

We took Kaylie on her first trip to Vegas! We weren’t sure if we were ready but decided to do it anyway! We had family from Utah so we wanted to make an effort since they haven’t had a chance to meet Kaylie yet. Also, it’s been some time since we’ve taken a vacation to relax ourselves. We came later during the week & decided to surprise most of our family by just showing up. Kelly (Kaylie’s cousin) was the most shocked of them all! We booked a room at Bally’s and spent the weekend there. Kaylie’s schedule was all messed, but it was expected. We were so happy she took the road trip well & she was such a good girl throughout the whole experience. 


If Kaylie’s awake, no one is sleeping!


Kaylie & Daddy TWINNING!

These T-Shirts were all purchased at Target in the boys’ section. This is what I let her sleep in, it’s so comfortable & stinking cute for her to wear! 

When in Vegas, you eat in style! Here she is enjoying a cocktail of plums, mangoes, and oranges. (styling courtesy of her cousin Randy)


I love my FAM PAM!



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