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Happy 14 Months Kaylie!

Happy 14 months to my Junebug! 


Kaylie knows how to play ball & is able to throw it in the direction she wants it to go. Phong bought her a pink one & every time he comes home from work she would point to the ball. She knew it came from him because she doesn’t do that with me. Kaylie is really good at associating different things with us. For instance, I usually sing songs to her & she would be completely bored out when Phong does it. Haha! She is also very well aware of the word “NO” and is a such a good girl. She won’t put anything laying on the floor into her mouth, but rather she would give it to me. She would stare at it, point her index finger out & sways her hand in a “no no” motion. We have tiles in the kitchen & she’s not allowed in there so usually when we’re cooking she would stand at the edge where the carpet is & play peek-a-boo behind the counter. If curiosity gets the best of her she would stick a foot out to the tile but would quickly correct herself & makes the “no no” sign. 

She also clasps both hands to her face when we say “Kaylie is pretty”, blows kisses, and puckers her lips for kissing noises. When we ask her where her big tummy is, she would pat her stomach. Her favorite songs right now are the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” & “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and would do the hand motions with me. 

Kaylie loves to eat! She would try everything but would always be cautious since she doesn’t know if it’s edible. It helps if we hand feed her the first bite and tell her it’s ok. Besides her usual foods, she’s been loving blueberries & watermelon. Also the weird thing is, she’s no longer reacting to grapes! She’s old enough now for us to be more lenient on what she eats, so most of the time when we’re out she’s enjoying table food like we do. I’ve also switched her to Organic Whole Milk and so far her stools have been pretty good. I’m not sure if it’s the organic aspect or if her digestive system finally got used to whole milk, but I’m happy that she’s getting better at pooping regularly!

Kaylie is now able to walk! She can take 6-7 steps unsupported but she is still very much afraid to be on her own. We have to be directly in front of her or she has to be next to something she can lean on. We are trying to urge her to walk, but at the same time we want her to develop at her own pace. It’s definitely the latest challenge for us! 


Her smile is incredible. I love how silly she is all the time! 



This was her face when we made her stand to walk on her own..haha!

Being a good girl on her best behavior at church!

Went to The Loop for dessert. 


We took Kaylie on her first Carousel ride & she loved it! 



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