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Happy 15 Months Kaylie!

Happy 15 months to my sweet pie! Kaylie currently weighs about 19 lbs! She is becoming such a chatterbox;it cracks us up how she puts together all these syllables and proceed to have a full blown conversation with us. She is so understanding & considerate. She’ll offer her food to everyone, acknowledge and wave to everyone, and gives the best smooches! img_7586Kaylie is now walking! All of a sudden, she got over her fear and stopped crawling. At first, she would only go short distances. Now, she is able to walk further & even holds things in her hands. She’s still unsteady because she walks like she’s drunk. I think she gets too excited to get where she wants to go and her two feet can’t keep up, haha. Kaylie is also eating regular meals with snacks in between. She loves fruits & vegetables, and we usually make smoothies for her. She also loves bread & anything with noodles!

We also finally took her to get her 12-months blood work done for CBC & Lead. I know I know, it’s a little late. We were just putting it off as long as possible, but fortunately the phlebotomist was really good and got her vein on the first try. She was super strong and kept tensing up her legs. Good thing it was all over in 2 minutes and her labs came back just fine! She has such a bright smile & silly attitude. She is our ray of light! 



Uh ohh…daddy’s in trouble.



daddy’s favorite passenger img_7581img_7582


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