3 Years Wedding Anniversary!

“What Was, Still Is”

Happy 3 years wedding anniversary to us! Sorry this post is a month As with every relationship, it takes a lot of love & dedication to make it work. Phong and I have been together for so long that we can read each other’s minds, order for one another, push each other’s buttons, and know just what to say. It’s especially harder now to “focus” on one another with Kaylie in the mix. Trust us, she won’t hesitate to wiggle her little toosh right in the middle if she sees us cuddling! 


Phong & I are still very much in love; he still gives me butterflies. We’re genuinely crazy about each other. We communicate throughout the day, there’s not a moment where I don’t know where he is. We still ask each other if it’s “ok” to do things out of respect for one another. I just think that our definition of love have been transcribed into a different aspect. Before Kaylie, taking me out shopping was his way of letting me relax. Now, he lets me take a moment or two just to lay down and rest. It’s on another level of understanding. Both Phong & I work full-time so by the end of the day we don’t want to do much but to spend time with each other. On a typical day we are constantly playing catch-up with the upkeep of our home & caring for Kaylie. Believe me, if you think your partner is sexy while dating, they are hot as heck when you see them washing dishes, cooking, or folding laundry! 

Don’t look at me weird. We’ve just been together for too long. 🙂 img_7394img_7395

On our anniversary, we both had to go to work. That morning I was just getting to my desk & the receptionist called me saying that she needed my signature immediately from our corporate company. I remember thinking it was probably for a new laptop that broke down after two weeks of receiving it. It turned out to be a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my wonderful husband! I was so surprised he almost made me cry. 

So I spent the entire work day all giddy & smiling. We both got home from a long day of work & just wanted to go have some dinner together. Our niece Kelly was kind enough to babysit Kaylie so that we can eat without any distractions. We chose Lucille’s BBQ since it was a local place. He always want to get me a full rack of ribs like I did on our first date! It was a nice & relaxing night, just how we like it. 3 years down love, a lifetime to go! 



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