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Happy 16 Mths & First Beach Trip!

Happy 16 months to our world! She currently still weighs about 19 lbs. Kaylie continues to amaze us each day with how much she understands! She loves to say hi to everyone & everything, and is so generous with her food. Even when she really love something she is willing to share and feed you. Kaylie’s teeth are coming in faster than ever, she currently has 8! We are keeping up with a schedule to brush every morning & night ever since her first ones came out. When we say “let’s go brush teeth” she would stick her index finger in her mouth in a swaying motion. 


We are still feeding her with Horizon Organic milk with DHA Omega-3. She usually takes about 32 oz total of milk everyday. Sometimes less, sometimes more. She is in a noodles phase; her favorite so far seems to be the Yardhouse Lobster Garlic noodles. Seriously, we might as well nickname her Noodles! She doesn’t really like us feeding her anymore & prefers to pick at her food. She is still loving her fruits; apples, oranges, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon. You name it, she loves it! We are having a hard time getting her to eat meat, and she snacks a lot. I guess she got that from me! But she is very healthy & active, so I think I am just more worried because I am a Mom. 

Beach Day! 


Over the weekend we took Kaylie to Huntington Beach Pier. It was her first beach trip! The weather was soo gorgeous, it was sunny, breezy, and refreshing. It took her a couple minutes to adjust to the new atmosphere but after that she was super excited to explore. We walked the pier and even let her off on her own. She’s still unsteady on her feet but didn’t seem scared at all to walk from one side of the beach to the other. She loved looking at the waves and kept pointing out to sea while babbling. A local shop had some kites flying and she was just so mesmerized by that.

We didn’t actually go into the water because it was a little too cold for her. We didn’t actually plan to go until the day of so we weren’t completely prepared for the trip anyway. But we were so happy to have let her experience the whole thing; and most importantly, to create everlasting memories as a family!

…but first, lunch!


She loves to look at menus & points to pictures!




After the beach Kaylie was so exhausted she fell asleep in the car. We went to have some dinner with friends and ended the night with dessert. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!


little spoon in hand for her samples 🙂 



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