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Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Patch!

I can’t believe that we’re already spending the holiday festivities all over again with our little blessing! We took Kaylie to two pumpkin patches this year and it was a little trickier because apparently toddlers gets emotional real fast! 😛 It took a bit warming up before she was fully comfortable roaming the patch on her own; and after that she didn’t even want to leave. Our first visit was a quick one right after church since Kaylie was getting cranky. It turns out she came down with a cold the very next day, so poor thing wasn’t feeling well at all. Over Halloween weekend we decided to take her back so that she can have a better experience and we can also get some family pictures. We matched in plaid and I scored some awesome mommy & me photos thanks to my wonderful hubs!  

For Halloween this year Kaylie & I dressed up as Snow White & Phong was our Prince Charming. She was so cute in her costume, especially now that she’s actually able to walk & stand upright with it! If you remember from last year, she was a nerd at only 4 months old! We went to our sister’s house and didn’t go trick or treating since Kaylie was still a bit sick and it was really cold outside. We did give her some candy but they were merely for photo props; she didn’t care for them and ended up tossing them everywhere! But little miss Snow White was pretty upset when we took away the poison apple…she couldn’t resist and bit into it anyway!

Pumpkin Patch



Halloween 2016ffue4539

Halloween 2015IMG_3180


amgg6065fpwn2651byum0255Funny story behind the photo below: We wanted this pose so that Phong can photoshop this cool effect that we’re in the woods & he was trying to hide the apple from me. But this little photobomber kept getting into the picture! Hahaha 

nunb9212Here is Phong’s awesome photo:img_7960


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