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Happy 17 Months Kaylie!

Happy 17 months to my sweet pie! (On 11/04 that is, sorry for the late post!) Kaylie currently weighs about 19.5-20 lbs. She is getting a little pickier with her food, so it’s tough to make her gain weight. But she is still lil miss chubby chubs & super strong so I am not worried! Kaylie have been walking (running) all over the place. She is quite the explorer and is curious about everything. She is pretty steady on her feet, but she sometimes walks on her tiptoes (we have no idea why) and it makes us nervous when she is on tile. Kaylie is pretty good at following directions & she knows when she is wrong. She is also starting to talk! She is able to say mostly one-syllable words: bye, yum, ball, bong (flower in Vietnamese), Daddy, and balloon. She tries to say Mommy but I think it’s a little harder for her, so when I go “Say Mommy” she says “Daddy”. I’m like, what, no Kaylie! hahaha!nbdr3229mkyc6180

She is also starting to imitate & tries to copy what we’re doing. She’s been watching nursery rhymes on YouTube so by now, she recognizes all the motions and dances to them. Her favorite at the moment is “Would You Play with a Dinosaur”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Five Little Monkeys”. Lately she’s been understanding the concept of people going away, like she would say “bye” to me every morning when I leave for work. She would also try to close doors behind her and tell me “bye”. I usually don’t allow that because then she can’t get out. Also, we don’t want her smashing her fingers! I have been training her to call out when I’m not within her sight so that she knows how to reach me in emergencies. I say “Kaylie where are you??” She would then respond with a bunch of baby She also loves it when I say “where’s stinky?” she would lift up her foot to my nose & would giggle every time I say “Ew, stinky!” Kaylie absolutely loves anything fluffy & soft, and once she saw my slippers she was obsessed with them. Naturally I went on the hunt for her very own slippers & now she just wears them every chance she gets! img_7860



Kaylie’s been eating a bit better. She loves flavored chicken; I usually cut them into smaller pieces and put them on her tray first before anything else. Otherwise she would pick at other things, like noodles and avoid her protein. When we do takeout she loves El Pollo Loco & fried chicken! She is still drinking an adequate amount of milk. We are starting to think about moving her away from bottles. Kaylie relies on a bottle with her security blanket to sleep, especially at night. She currently has 8 teeth so we’re worried about her night feedings. Good thing is, she only takes one bottle when it’s her sleep time and then she’s good till morning. Hopefully, we can transition her soon to only drinking from cups! 

We are almost to her milestone of being 1.5 years old. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. She is such a beautiful, fun, caring, and loving little girl. We are incredibly blessed to have her by our side! 



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