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Happy 19 Months & Disney on Ice!

Happy 19 months Kaylie! She currently weighs in at 20-21 lbs, depending on how much she wants to eat and/or poo out lol. Kaylie’s vocabulary is growing, and she understands much more than she is able to verbalize. She still can’t say Mommy, and yes, I’m a little upset! hahaha. She recognizes everyone around her and is able to point out different people in photos. She loves to throw balls, pushes her shopping cart around, and gives the best kisses & cuddles! She gets excited for kiss attacks, she would say “tack” and starts to giggle when we repeatedly kiss her. Kaylie is also starting to make a lot of animal noises, and recognizes dog, sheep, duck, lion, elephant, cat sounds and will imitate them. She likes to play alone but makes sure we’re close by. Every now and then she would stop what she’s doing to give us a quick hug, kiss, or even climb into our arms/laps for awhile. We have a lot of friends with babies now, and she seem to be so good with little ones! They would pull at her shirts & tug on her and she would just take it. Kaylie is seriously so patient. She’s also SUPER silly, but very cautious. There’s only a handful that she would show it to!

On Friday, December 23rd, Christmas weekend Phong & I requested the day off work to take our munchkin to see Disney on Ice! She recognizes certain characters from the Tsum Tsum game we always play; like Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck, etc. We thought it was the perfect opportunity for her first experience. She was such a good girl and sat quietly the whole time, and would wave and dance in our laps whenever she saw a familiar character. During the Frozen section she lost interest since she didn’t know any of them and took a nap instead, haha. After that we went to the Anaheim Packing House with Phong’s coworkers/friends for lunch. It was a wonderful start to our holiday weekend. img_8646img_8647



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