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NY 2017 & Mt. Baldy

Happy New Year!! (well, belated I suppose because this post is only two months late, haha). I hope you all had a great start to the year. The family decided to spend the day in the snow! Apparently everybody thought so too because it took us 2 hours to get there, and another half an hr for parking. But amidst the mess, we had a blast when we got there. It was Kaylie’s first time in the snow! We purchased her a little white snow bunny onesie so she stayed super warm during the trip. Poor thing got really excited to walk/play in snow but she slipped and kind of scraped her nose/cheek so we got scared to move after that. 

We found a really nice secluded area to play in but it took some creativity to get down. We had a large group with us so we basically created a human ladder and helped each other get down then back up. We had a great time, playing, sledding, and most of all, slipping in the snow! img_9120img_9122img_9121img_9118img_9119img_9112img_9109img_9113img_9114img_9117img_9123


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