Maternity Photoshoot

We decided to have our maternity shoot done early, when I was 24/25 weeks along. One reason was that I didn’t want to be too big/exhausted, and another was that we didn’t know whether my complications would get worse. Photos were taken at Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park.

Tin Photography {}


10408525_712572218796_2415149488171828022_n 10351478_712572238756_7983543372657309276_n

Belly kisses are my favorite. It’s so sweet & such a great bonding moment between them. It melts my heart every time. ❤


11059717_712572393446_885933337189790464_n 10987411_712572173886_4641123385306178312_n11048625_712572158916_3919311810955053099_n

11043023_712572014206_6658258453942224620_n  i-rNzxBtb-L

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