The Beginning

“I bet if we dusted her heart for fingerprints, we’d only find yours.”


Ahh, LOVEEE. What a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Phong & I met in the Fall of 2006. We were both in college and was part of a youth organization called VSA (Vietnamese Student Association). We went to different schools at the time but had mutual friends. He actually added (stalked) me on MySpace & officially met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We hit it off right from the start, and the first time we spoke on the phone it didn’t end till 5AM. Although we both said we would take it slow, feelings are feelings and about a month later on October 18, 2006, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Our First Picture Together


When I met him, I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I had just started college and was career driven to become a nurse. I was this ordinary girl. My fashion sense went as far as jeans and a shirt, my makeup was minimal, and I still had virgin jet black hair. Phong was different then, too. He was super skinny and wore clothing that were way too big. I was a social butterfly and he liked to observe in the background. We were two completely different people, but so similar at the same time.

Years went by and we stayed strong. He transferred to my school and we continued to go to school while working in between. I had started nursing school and was stressed beyond imaginable, but he kept me sane and was so supportive. I was also working at Forever 21 at that time. Most of the time, my day consisted of waking up at 5AM for clinical/lectures, then went to work until closing (usually 10/11pm). I was exhausted, but he was always there to take me for a bite to eat afterwards. He was my punching bag, and he did it with a smile. We didn’t have much. We didn’t know fine dining, elaborate gifts, all out vacations. We only knew that quality time was sacred. We didn’t have much, but we had each other.


Of course, with every relationship there are always the ups & the downs. We don’t have the perfect relationship. We fought & made up. Our love withstand the test of time. It was thru trial and error that we knew we couldn’t possibly be with anyone else. He is always so patient with me, even when I am mad at him. Most importantly, he loved me unconditionally. Although I love him and I may be biased, but he is the most loyal, thoughtful, and giving person I know. He puts me first. He puts US first.

Towards 2009/2010 we both graduated college. He received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration & now works as a Business Analyst. I graduated with a BSN and working as a telemetry nurse. See, I told you we were two different people. He worked at a doctor’s office and I was at Watch Station for a couple months after we graduated before we were able to land our career jobs. It was a stressful time, but we had each other and handled it the best we could. We worked hard and saved. After that were able to pay off our school loans in a little over a year & it was then that we were able to “breathe” a little.


I am proud of how far we’ve come. He is the love of my life & he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

October 18th 2006 – Forever