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Weekend Fun & Happy 18 Weeks Old Kaylie!

Today would’ve been any other day in the cute life of Kaylie but it’s not! Now that I get weekends off I get to spend it all with my little family. My mom usually leaves for the weekend to my sister’s house since she babysits Kaylie all week. On Saturday we basically did nothing but… Continue reading Weekend Fun & Happy 18 Weeks Old Kaylie!

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Kaylie’s First Poolside Adventure

Her First Two-Piece Bikini!! Today Kaylie wore her first swimsuit to the pool! thank you to Auntie Amie for my super cute two piece bikini. Wasn’t sure if daddy would approve but he ended up loving it! Haha. She wasn’t quite yet ready for the waters. The pediatrician told us that there wasn’t really a… Continue reading Kaylie’s First Poolside Adventure